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So many great things to say about Tommy.

There are so many great things to say about Tommy, and Over the Mountain Music School. We started our 13 year old son on guitar lessons back in February. He had little, to no knowledge of playing. Oh, how that has changed so much in the last 8 months. Tommy is really patient, and is super friendly, and professional. It is evident, that teaching his students is his passion. He's constantly going above and beyond for his students. Putting together showcases for them, emailing music notation on his own time, as well as writing out music for his students. All he asks of his student, is that they put in the practice, to learn their instrument. In the time Tommy has been teaching my son, he has progressed in his playing by leaps and bounds. Not only does Tommy teach him the music/songs that my son wants to learn, but teaches him the theory behind each note, and phrase. He has really ignited a love for playing the guitar for our son. I recommend to anyone wanting to learn to play an instrument to go to Tommy.

From Dreams to Reality

I made a New Year's resolution last year to learn a musical instrument. I'd always thought it would be cool to play music, but I really didn't think it was in my nature. I came to Tommy with no musical knowledge at all. Not only did he teach me a great deal about playing music and the theory behind it, he was a constant source of encouragement. Fast forward a little over a year and now I'm not only playing a lot of classic tunes, but I'm writing and recording my own songs. I'm truly amazed at what Tommy was able to get out of me in such a short period of time.

THE Music Teacher in Las Vegas!!

I've been strumming chords for years, but I never knew really what I was doing and never saw any improvement in my very limited skills. Once I began lessons with Tommy, the improvement was immediate, and continues each day. Tommy's talent as a musician - not just a guitar player - is incredible, but what sets Tommy apart is his teaching ability. Playing great is one thing, but the ability to impart that skill and knowledge is an entirely different skill. In Tommy's case, his teaching skills are every bit equal to his playing ability, which is considerable, indeed. Tommy is equally adept at teaching all styles of rock, blues, pop, whatever your preference, and seems to know every song you could name. But, it's more than learning songs, chords, scales, and riffs. Tommy also explains the "why" in a way that makes learning music theory understandable and not intimidating. For anyone considering lessons for themselves or their kids, there is no other choice to make, no other instructor to consider.

Tommy is simply the best !!!

I always wanted to learn to play the guitar but never really had the time to get into it and looking for a great teacher can be intimidating and confusing... until I was introduced to Tommy. First of all Tommy is a genius at the guitar and very humble at the same time! He is very patient with beginners like me and breaks down lessons to make them easy to understand, you leave the lessons with a sense of accomplishment, look forward to practice and to your next lesson ! The classes are very casual, fun and enjoyable, it's all about the music with Tommy and playing what you like to hear and have fun ! Tommy's love for music is incredible and he has the experience and resume to back it up. He knows any style, song, tricks and he loves to share is wealth of knowledge with his students ! you will progress, have fun and stay motivated at the same time, and you will not get bored with Tommy, he keeps the classes very interesting and wants you to have fun learning the guitar. I wouldn't learn the guitar any other way. JLD, Henderson, NV

Wealth of musical knowledge

Now matter what your experience level or style of music, Tommy can help you. Keeps lessons fun and concentrates on what you want to learn.

Fantastic Teacher!!!

I have had a desire to play guitar for some time - and after an extensive search - decided to contact Tommy. One of the best calls I have ever made. I was an absolute beginner, with no training in any melodic instrument. Tommy explained how all the controls work on my guitar and amp, and I found myself capable of playing a song at the end of the first lesson!!! The lessons are fun, because Tommy finds ways of incorporating key musical concepts and playing techniques into learning to play songs that you enjoy. I have seen rapid growth in my technique, musicality, and understanding of sight reading. Tommy is patient, professional, a great motivator, and dedicated to ensuring that each student is having fun while learning. His own passion for music shines through in each lesson. I cannot emphasize enough how much Tommy has exceeded my expectations.


Tommy is great! If you're searching for an instructor, look no further. It is obvious from the start what a terrific musician he is. But, it doesn't end there. He is patient, kind, funny, and accommodating. I have a very erratic schedule and often times am not able to make my weekly lesson. Tommy is very understanding of this and makes it much easier on me through his willingness to work around the crazy hours I keep, even though I know he has a busy schedule as well. What's more, his lessons always manage to make learning fun. After each lesson, I can't wait to get home and practice. Highly recommended!

Tommy is great.

Tommy is great. I've learned so much from him and he keeps me challenged with using songs that I enjoy. I've only been taking lessons for a couple months and I already feel like my ability is tenfold what it once was. He is very patient and lets me learn at my own pace, always taking the time to answer questions. There is no question he knows his stuff and knows it well. Anything you want to learn, he is always willing to share his knowledge.

I started lessons with Tommy when I was...

I started lessons with Tommy when I was 11 years old. I'm 13 now and I can see how much he's helped me progress. It seems like every lesson I take makes the guitar easier to play and understand. I would definitely recommend -- and in fact have recommended -- Tommy's lessons. 5 out of 5 stars!

Great for beginners!

I had zero experience with the guitar before getting lessons with Tommy. Each session is great and I have been making progress each time. Tommy likes to get you started on songs you like which really helps keep you motivated and all the more gratifying when it starts to come together. Tommy does a great job of providing a relaxed but still very productive learning environment. I highly recommend his school!

He teaches what you want and how you...

He teaches what you want and how you want. He adapts his ways according to the student. The guy went to Berkley! He also transcribes songs, and teaches drums, along with his wife teaching piano. He keeps music as simple as can be without being over simplifying anything. As long as you communicate with him and put in the work, you will get exactly what you want.

Words can't do Tommy justice.

Words can't do Tommy justice. I walk out of every lesson inspired and wanting to practice. He helps me learn the music I want to learn. He also puts up with my musical ADD. I show up every week with a new song lol. He went out of his way to change how he taught me when I was struggling with some concepts.

Tommy is a extraordinary teacher and...

Tommy is a extraordinary teacher and musician. I greatly respect the fact that not only can he play and teach very well, but he is very well educated and articulated in the music theory itself. He is very versatile and can teach any style of music. My favorite thing about the lessons are that Tommy does not force you to learn anything you do not want to learn. Instead he lets you choose the music you want to learn. Not only is he very professional and respectful but he is very encouraging teacher who truly cares about his students.

The Bass Guitar Rocks!

The Bass Guitar Rocks! I have always like the sound of the bass and after many years, I decided it was time to learn how to play. The greatest thing about Tommy is that he treats everyone as an individual. I have some say in how my lesson goes and I get to choose what songs I want to learn. I was amazed that I was playing a song within my first week. Tommy is a trained musician and continues to study and learn. I think that is what makes him better than other instructors. Better get back to practicing.

Tommy is great!

Tommy is great! I have been going to Tommy for a few weeks now and I think I have finally found a good fit for a guitar instructor. I am almost 50 and through the years I have started and stopped lessons over and over. And I still can't play anything. Tommy listens when you tell him what kind of music you like and he gears the lesson material to that. Music can seem very overwhelming but he will take things as slow or fast as you want. I am very determined to learn how to play my guitar once and for all! I know Tommy is the guy to help me do that!

I've never played an instrument until I...

I've never played an instrument until I picked up a ukulele a few months back, but even then I had no idea what I was doing. Tommy taught me a LOT about music and music theory, and the nuts-and-bolts of what makes a song, a song. If I ever decide I want to play guitar, Tommy will be the person I want teaching me.

I have been taking lessons for about two...

I have been taking lessons for about two months now, both guitar and bass. Tommy is an amazing teacher that makes learning fun. Being able to learn using the songs you love is great motivation.

My two boys look forward to their...

My two boys look forward to their lessons with Tommy. He inspires them every week to continue to learn, and they've made tremendous progress in just a few short weeks to months, most especially the 3-year-old! He has so much patience, makes the lessons fun, and is truly all about teaching music - any kind of music the student wishes to play. His whole family is lovely, and we just feel very lucky to have Tommy teaching our boys piano and drums.

I couldnt be more happy with Tommy as an...

I couldnt be more happy with Tommy as an instructor. He teaches you what you want, and will switch directions on a dime if that's what you request. He has an entire library of tabs that I couldnt find on line, and he gladly will make copies of a few tunes a week for you. Also, my amp was acting up and being new to the game I needed a pro to look at it. I only live a mile from the school, but Tommy stopped by my house to check out my amp for me at no charge. Again, I'm close to the school, but I dont see Guitar Center or any another music school/store helping me out like that

Tommy explains music in a way that makes...

Tommy explains music in a way that makes it easy to understand. I learn something new at every lesson and am excited about going each week. The prices are incredibly competitive even when driving to lessons from a good distance away. Regardless of what you want to learn, Tommy can teach it to you in whatever way works for you. I can't say enough about how happy I am with this business.

Very professional!

Very professional! Excellent teacher! Tommy explains guitar and music in plain english. He makes it fun to learn quickly and easily and is very affordable. If I have any questions or if I am having problems with an exercise, Tommy takes the time to help find what is the best way for me to learn. Easy to talk to and always returns my messages & emails.

Tommy is awesome!

Tommy is awesome! Tommy is very good at explaining things and keeps the music fun. He is always available to answer any questions I have, all I have to do is text him. We practice the music I want to play, keeping it interesting. I would recommend Tommy to anyone! He is very talented and an excellent teacher.

Tommy is truly amazing!

I booked lessons with Tommy not expecting too much... from MYSELF. After all, I was no teenage kid and perhaps I had put off learning this new skill too long. But with the first lesson I found myself learning technique and theory that I never thought I would understand. Tommy's patience and ability to tailor each lesson assures that I always walk away feeling enlightened and enriched. However far you wish to go... Tommy most assuredly can get you there!

Tommy is a great teacher!

Tommy is a great teacher! He is patient and lets you learn at your own pace. If you want to learn to play to become a expert or just want to learn a couple of songs, this is the place to go.

This is truly the best music school in...

This is truly the best music school in Vegas! The instructor is top notch and they are very willing to work with you, often ignoring their own policies on payment and giving the student the benefit of the doubt. After reading a review below I thought I should post to tell how great this school is. It would be a shame if one review from an irresponsible and dishonest customer disuaded anyone from taking advantage of such a great teacher! Also, this is the best value in Vegas! Everyone else is charging twice as much for lessons.


When I first got my bass, I had NO idea how to do anything. Within 2 months of lessons and practice, I learned how to play many great songs by artists such as: Red hot chili peppers and tool. Tommy also keeps lessons from being boring and teaches you what YOU want to learn. If you want to learn how to play a bass or guitar, u NEED to get some lessons here.

Tommys leasons are one of the best you

Tommys leasons are one of the best you'll find in America. He takes the extra time and efort to make sure you (or your child) will get the best experince he/she can get. Tommy has no problem playing the music you like and will work on what ever rate you want. He is very kind and always makes me smile when I come to his leason. :)

If you want to learn the guitar or Bass...

If you want to learn the guitar or Bass go see Tommy he is great. He will get to know what you want and base the lessons around that. He is a great teacher, very Knowledgeable and talented.

I am so lucky to have found Tommy to...

I am so lucky to have found Tommy to teach my son how to play the guitar. Tommy makes lessons so fun and so easy. My son gets to learn the songs he wants to play. Tommy is such a awesome teacher!! I recommend taking lessons here to all my friends or anyone that wants to learn to play.

Great teacher

I've been taking guitar lessons for a few months now. Tommy has been great at teaching what I want to learn and not following some fixed script for learning. That makes the learning alot more fun. He figures out what I like and suggests the music that I would like and would teach me something I'm trying to learn at the same time. If I'm going to sit and practice it might as well be fun!

Guitar lessons...

I have been playing guitar for 30 years. Never had one lesson. I mentioned taking lessons over the years several times, but was affraid that the bad habits I had developed could not be corrected. My wife bought me 4 lessons for christmas (insert your own jokes here), and after just 2 I am playing noticeably faster and cleaner! Thanks to Tommy, I have a new way of looking at music, because he taught me how to understand it! As for my speed- it has increased dramatically! I am so excited to be learning and improving at a blistering pace! Tommy tailors lessons to suit you and what you want out of your music! I am recommending him to my friends, which says a lot! Thanks, Tommy!

Rock Hard

Tommy is a phenominal guitarist. He teaches the way you want to learn and what you want to learn. No B.S. here. He can teach ANYBODY to play the guitar and makes sense of what you are are learning. I HIGHLY recommend him if you want to learn to really play the guitar.

Amazing teacher and musician!

What can i say? Tommy is an amazing teacher and musician. I have always been kind of slow when it comes to learning theory, but man some of his explanations have just opened up my understanding of it all. He is an awesome guy and he's a lot of fun to take lessons from. He accomodates to students learning styles. If you want to just learn theory, you'll learn theory, if you want to learn music, he'll teach you music. Heck, you can mix the two if you want to! All in all, he's probably the best teacher in Vegas!

Top Instructor

Tommy is an excellent guitar instructor. In terms of knowledge and value there's none better in Las Vegas. He's an extremely talented musician and is able to explain technique and theory so that his students can understand and improve. If you're looking to learn guitar or bass I would highly recommend you contact Tommy and set up a time to have a lesson. You won't be disappointed and you'll be glad you did.


Just recently started taking lessons from Tommy and have never been so inspired and enthused to play the guitar. I was never interested in theory, scales and modes until Tommy broke it down for me in a way that was not intimidating but actually made sense. I am having a blast and look forward every week to see what is next. Also my lady wants to hear what I have learned because she actually enjoys listening to me now! On a personal note Tommy's range of musical knowlege is awesome! I just want to talk music with the guy, he is a human jukebox and sooo enthusiastic about all styles of music. I have never played piano and now it is one of my favorite things to do. Tommy has broadened my horizons to music and I feel has encouraged me to explore wider ranges in myself without self doubt. Thank you! Playing guitar is fun again and I thank Tommy for his patience and approach. I can be myself with him and enjoy his company. We have become great friends over the past couple months and every curveball I through to him he knocks out of the park. Tommy is an overall rockin good guy and the best instructor I will ever meet. Thanks bro!

Musical Genius!

After my first few lessons I quickly realized that Tommy is a musical genius, and I dont use that term lightly. Recently in a two hour lesson, I learned more about music theory than I had in over 10+ years of playing jazz trombone. Tommy also has the great ability of being able to articulate concepts in a way that is understandable for a beginner. He is very patient, encouraging, and also challenges you to excell. He has so much experience in teaching that he has seen alot of the struggles of a beginner and can offer valuable encouragement and insight when you get discouraged. They are also very organized and professional... This is something that I greatly appreciate as a busy professional myself. Scheduling is never a problem, and they are very easy to reach with questions, or if you have a scheduling problem. Perhaps the biggest strength that Tommy has is his ability to tailor his lessons to the individual student. This is something that is missing with most music teachers. This personal touch allows for each student to learn the types of music that they want, while keeping it interesting enough that you always want to practice. Lastly, this is an exceptional value! You will not find this quality of education anywhere in Vegas, let alone at such a low price. I would gladly pay double for each lesson! Dr. M.W. (Henderson)

Great Teacher!

My son is 2 years and 5 months old, loves music and all kinds of instruments. He loves learning from Tommy and is so excited to go to class! Tommy is exceptionally patient and knowledgeable on all accounts. We’ve taken guitar and drum lessons. I would highly recommend Tommy to parents. My son has lots of fun and is learning something he really enjoys.

Surf Guitar with Tommy

I love instrumental surf guitar music, the music that has evolved from the surf scene of the 60's. I had trouble learning the tunes myself because I could not find the tabs anywhere on the web and I did not understand how the notes related to each other and the chord progressions of the tunes. I found Tommy's music instruction ad on Craigslist, asked if he could help, and started lessons with him a few days later. Since I have been working with Tommy, I have learned, and am now able to play, the lead to several fine surf guitar tunes. Tommy writes out the tablature to the tunes for me as well as shows me how the lead notes fit into the corresponding scale patterns and work over the chord progressions. He challenges me to use my new knowledge of scales to deduce for myself some of the lead riffs in the tunes we work through. Working with Tommy has been valuable, stimulating, and lots of fun. I am on my way to becoming a guitar player.

Outstanding Music Teacher

was previously with Tom Kreuzburg "The Guitar Guy" for 2 years until he passed away. I spent a great deal of time reasearching to find the right instructor to continue my music instruction. Hands down Tommy Regits is the best guitar instructor in the Henderson Las Vegas area... Tommy has an uncanny ability to determine where you are in skill level and determining the best method to you get better fast. His guitar skills, teaching skills and knowledge of a wide array of musical genres make him the best choice for musical instruction.

He Rocks!!! Literally!!

My 9 year old son wanted to learn the guitar. He wanted to learn how to pay rock music. Tommy is so patient, and knowledgable. He has taught him how to "Rock Out" and my son loves it!! He looks forward to going to guitar lessons every week. It is amazing that his love for the guitar has grown, and he is excited to play. Tommys prices are very affordable, and we are glad he is our son's instructor. We would recommend him to one and all. Thank you Tommy


I used to play several years ago, but got turned off from personal instruction because of a lame teacher. In the 2 years of playing that I did, I learned very little on my own. Several months ago, Tommy signed his daughter up for Martial Arts lessons at my studio, and the passion and love of music that radiated off of him inspired me to pick up the guitar again. Now, in the two months that I've been studying with him, Ive learned more than I ever did in the two years I previously played. Coming from someone who is a personal instructor himself, I can say his teaching is top of the line. He charges a very fair rate, but I would happily pay twice as much for his lessons. Every time I go in, we are always working on the music that I like. And taking that music and learning FROM it, which has proved to be very effective. If you EVER had a desire to learn the guitar, call him now. Alex K.


I've been messing with the Ukulele for about 6 months now. I started out strong but was beginning to have a lot of unanswered questions and my progress was slowing down significantly. Tommy has been great in combining both the fundamentals of music theory and helping you play the songs you are most interested in. Teaching is not a side job, this is his primary focus which makes this a great place to learn your instrument. Tommy is familiar with all the mistakes that beginners make and he knows how to help you work through fundamental concepts. I was a little skeptical at first because Tommy's backgroud is more developed in electric guitar and bass but the skills and techniques can be applied to Ukes. It turns out that a lot of material that you need to know is not written out explicitly for the Uke or is not organized in a way that you can easily consume. Tommy can transfer concepts such as scales, modes, fingerings etc. to the uke and put it down on paper for you so you have something to review at home. This is really a big help. -Dave


Good God I wish found this teacher when I first started guitar! Like many students, I received that one size fits all instruction that bores you to sleep. And you wonder why so many students give up music?!! That method blows!!!!! Tommy's teaching style is unique; he tailors his lessons to your learning style!! Furthermore, he will teach specifically what interests you!! Imagine that, you get to learn the music you want to play!! Tommy has extensive music theory background and has applied his knowledge in countless bands playing original music. If you want a credible, patient, affordable, and inspiring music teacher, look no further. Should you prefer to learn "Mary Had a Little Lamb" at $60 per hour, I encourage seeking lessons elsewhere. - Rich C. (Southwest Las Vegas)


I've been taking lessons with Tommy for a few months now and I can say first hand that he is an awesome teacher. He knows his stuff inside and out, he takes his lessons very seriously, he's professional and more knowledgeable about his craft than any teacher I've ever taken lessons with. He also charges a great rate. Thumbs up all the way. -Audra (Henderson, NV)

You couldn't find a better teacher!

Tommy is one of the country's GREATEST guitar players - not just in the LV metro area!!! He has the chops to plays his, yours and anyone else's music and the ability to teach any age or skill level. I am a drummer and was in a band with this guy for 6 years and I'll tell you flat-out he is the best guitarist I have ever jammed with. If you are really serious about improving your skills it's worth your time to give him a call. Wish I was still jamming with him but I'm on other side of country...

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